Application Requirements

* Please review application requirements and contact the Leasing Office for the most updated vacancy information prior to applying

Application Requirements:
Valid Photo ID (Driver’s License, California ID, or Passport).
Completed Application with no missing information.
Proof of Income (*see below). Qualification – Three (3) times monthly rent.
*Proof of Income (must equal income on application)
Two (2) most recent paystubs.
If self-employed / 1099 employees, 2 most recent bank statements supporting income stated, and / or copies of most recent checks / deposits.
Proof of additional income (if applicable), i.e. social security, pension, child support, disability, etc.
Must upload in PDF format.
Student Applications:
Financial aid documents confirming eligibility and amount.
If income does not met requirement, cosigner is required and must meet application requirements.
Applicants with pets:
Maximum 2 pets per unit, each pet max 25 lbs.
Contact Leasing Office for required documents prior to applying.
Important Reminders:
Please ensure the requirement above are met and supporting documents are ready for upload PRIOR TO applying.
For timely processing, missing information are to be completed / submitted within 3 business days, or unit will be made available to other applicants.
All individuals over 18 must complete application. All individuals applying for a unit must be added on as a “co-applicant” instead of a new application for each.
Please contact the Leasing Office prior to applying for assistance with additional questions.

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